[Rumors] Apple Watch Series 3

Current Gen of Apple Watches

The Apple Watch has been around for a few years now, and with each new release, Apple has brought forward some new features. Although there are many different editions, not much has changed in a big way since the initial release. The main thing that really changed between the Series 1 and Series 2 is the waterproofing technology. The only other change that is really worth mentioning is the addition of GPS, if you wanted to use maps or location services directly on the watch. However, this can simply be achieved by using your iPhone, which you will still need with you at all times with any edition currently in existence. Prices of the current Apple Watch range from $269 for the Series 1 38mm, all the way up to $1249 for the Series 2 Watch Edition. The Watch Edition is the luxury option. There are also two more varieties, the Nike+ Edition, and the Hermes edition. Both of these consist of Series 2 watches with some added options.

LTE Capability?

According to Fortune, an Apple Insider Source has confirmed that the next generation of the Apple Watch will in fact have LTE built into it. What this could mean is that you really won’t need your iPhone with you at all times. Your watch should be capable of sending text messages without the need to run it through your phone. The source also said that the LTE connection will not be able to make phone calls through the watch, even with the LTE connection. Most of the big cellular companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint should carry these watches.

watchOS 4

watchOS 4 was announced in June along with macOS High Sierra and iOS 11. It didn’t really bring any new features that are game changing, however it really was just an improvement upon the current operating system that the Apple Watches run. This still brought forward improvements to Siri, Apple’s assistant.


The Apple Watch Series 3 could be a pretty big upgrade to the dated Apple Watch Series 2. The Series 2 didn’t bring many changes from Series 1, and this caused many big technology blogs to not recommend the Series 2 of the Watch if you already had Series 1. If it in fact does bring LTE, and will be able to send messages, this would be considered a major upgrade in my book.


Source: Fortune

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