Google Pixel 2 Will Feature “Squeeze” Technology

google pixel 2 active squeeze
The Google Pixel 2 has been predicted to feature active squeeze. (FCC)


What does it mean when HTC files for a new smartphone with the FCC using the model number NM8G011A? If you’ve  been following the Google Pixel series like us, you might have noticed something familiar. “NM8G-” was the prefix used for the original Google Pixel that HTC produced. The FCC uses a grantee code for each business. In the case of HTC, “NM8” signifies an HTC product. Based on how the letter G was used in the past, it’s safe to say that NM8G refers to an HTC-Google phone. And that can almost only mean an HTC Google Pixel 2 phone.


Discovering the model number of any device is exciting news as it allows us to track relevant new information and rumors. It also confirms that HTC will be manufacturing the Google Pixel 2 device. (We are still awaiting confirmation that LG will indeed be producing the Pixel 2XL.) But there were also some exciting discoveries with the Pixel 2. We made the prediction that the Google Pixel 2 will take a big step towards integrating Google Assistant. Now, it’s becoming clearer on how Google will accomplish that goal.


The Feature Of The Day


Active Edge
Active Edge

Under languages, inputs, and gestures, there is a description that reads, “Active Edge on, squeeze for your assistant.” Your assistant, of course, will be Google Assistant. How will it work? It will most likely resemble the functionality of a feature called Edge Sense on the HTC U11. HTC describes Edge Sense as a “seamless” and “discrete” way to access Amazon Alexa 4. Edge Sense allowed U11 users to access Alexa without having to call out the name, “Alexa,” followed by the command. Anyone who has had the awkward experience of calling out to a robot by name should be pleased with this feature. The “Active Edge” is suspected to bring that feature on the Google Pixel 2 for Google Assistant.


The Headphone Jack and The Pixel 2XL

If you read our earlier report, you would know that one of the biggest changes for the Pixel 2 is that it is expected to drop the headphone jack. Given the fact that the HTC U11 also dropped the headphone jack and featured Edge Sense, it seems more likely the headphone jack was dropped on the Pixel 2 to configure its outer-frame for the squeeze feature. It still cannot be determined whether the Google Pixel 2 will feature the Snapdragon 835 or the Snapdragon 836 with the current information. Not much more has been heard from LG’s end. Therefore, updates on the Pixel 2XL will have to wait a while.


On Future Updates

Nevertheless, there are some questions potential consumers will have in mind, and we will look forward towards answering. Edge Sense is patented and LG will require licensing if it wants to implement squeeze technology on the Pixel 2XL. That should not be a major hurdle for the company, considering that Google coordinates the development of Pixel smartphones. But one interesting point we’ve noted is that if LG does not place “Active Edge” on its phone, it may be able to keep the headphone jack. At this time, that appears to be highly unlikely though. Active Edge, on the other hand, shows a commitment towards developing Google Assistant.  Are you excited for Active Edge? Sound off through the comments below.


  1. HTC files with the FCC.
  2. NM8G phone filed on 8/15/17.
  3. Original Pixel phone was filed as NM8G.
  4. HTC U11 had Edge Sense.

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