What’s new with macOS High Sierra?

What is macOS High Sierra?

macOS High Sierra is Apple’s latest macOS update. It is an improvement upon macOS Sierra which came out last year.

macOS High Sierra will run on any MacBook that was able to run Sierra last year.

When will macOS High Sierra be released?

macOS High Sierra will be released on the same day iOS 11 is released, so sometime midway through September.

What’s new with macOS High Sierra?

The major update in macOS High Sierra is the new file system format, APFS which stands for Apple File System. One of the main focuses with macOS High Sierra was to make sure that it was secure, and by default APFS is encrypted.

macOS High Sierra also allows MacBooks to run external GPUs. Gamers or people who do a lot of video editing might find this to be very useful.

Overall Conclusion

macOS High Sierra is worth taking a look at. With the new APFS, moving around files is almost instantaneous and everything is encrypted. Apple also put in crash protection, which basically makes it much harder for your Mac to crash and for you to lose any data.

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